Create Your Own Blogroll

A blogroll is a set of links, usually found in the sidebar of a blog. Bloggers use them to direct readers to other blogs that they think are worthwhile.

Bloggers might link to blogs they read, to things they find interesting, to their friends' blogs, to blogs on similar or related topics, or to their own other blogs.

Linking to someone in your blogroll is a type of link love. Some bloggers will swap links to increase inbounds to their own site. Not all bloggers agree with this practice.

You can use the form below to create your own blogroll. The list of links will appear in the right sidebar and you can use them to navigate away from this site to other sites you enjoy.

To create a blogroll you will need several pieces of information:

The first ones are filled out for you but you can change them if you like.

Fill in this table to create your blogroll:
Name of Blog or WebsiteURLShort Description

After you click the button you can take your blogroll with you by copying the code from the box below and pasting it on your own blog. While you continue surfing She's your blogroll will appear in the right sidebar.

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