Are you a Canadian BlogHer?

Inspired to create your own blog? Here are some instructions for setting up a basic free blog at

Follow these step-by-step instructions on what to do and how to get started posting.

Start by going to and click on the blue box that says "Get a WordPress Blog now."

Get a blog now

On the next screen you need to choose a username which will also form the basis for your blog's url. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find a username that no one else is using. Choose a title and put in your email address. You will have to activate your blog through a link sent to your email address so this is a case for pookmail or another pseudonymous email client if you don't want to use your usual email address.


Activate the blog through the link sent to your email address.

Login to your new blog from the link sent in the email and start your first post - that's it!

First post

Other Features:
You can explore the rest of the features like creating categories for your posts by clicking on the "Category" tab on the right side of the WordPress screen. Use the "Manage" tab at the top of the WordPress screen to organize, edit and delete posts, pages, categories, comments and to invite other bloggers to make the blog a group blog.

You can change the theme of your blog by choosing the "Presentation" tab and clicking on any of the themes in the list.

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