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A great way to learn more about and from blogging woman is by participating in the BlogHer community. There are many Canadian BlogHers who are active in BlogHer. The list begins here.

In July 2005 a group of women organized the first ever BlogHer conference in California. Technical sessions for every level were offered as well as sessions about legal issues that bloggers sometimes face, dealing with other people's response to your blog, and issues of diversity and accessibility in blogland.

The group has just launched (early 2006) their new site. The site uses Drupal to manage community forums, a lengthy blogroll organized by category, user profiles, and links to the 2006 conference information.

Plans for this year's conference have been underway since Fall 2005 and sessions will include podcasting, videoblogging, as well as beginning textblogging for newbies. BlogHer2006 will repeat the ROYO concept from last year. 'Room of Your Own' sessions allow participants to organize sessions based on their own interests. BlogHer supplies the space and the equipment but the community members voice their interest in sessions proposed from anyone interested in facilitating a session. Anyone can propose a session and anyone can voice their preference. This is a great example of feminist group process in action and supports BlogHer's Do-ocracy attitude. It also prevents the conference from becoming the same topics presented by the same speakers as every other conference.

Many wanna-be attendees know that the best parts of the conference happen outside the official sessions. The informal meetings with other bloggers, trying to decide which anonymous bloggers write which anonymous blogs, the swimming, the dancing, the sunshine, the laughter, and the sharing are what make BlogHer the highlight of the summer for many women.

If you'd like more information about BlogHer, attending the conference, or to ask to have your blog included in their blogroll visit their website at

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