Get Your Own Blog On

Setting up a blog can be quick and easy. There are several options which simplify the process for new bloggers with little experience and little or no knowledge of coding for the web. Using a free online host like WordPress or Blogger makes the process quick and painless.

Different packages offer different features:  Blogger allows you to post text and images whereas with WordPress you can post text, upload images and tag posts by categories that you create. Typepad and Movable Type are other popular options that are available for a monthly fee that includes technical support.

If you get really excited and have a few dollars to spare, you can purchase your own domain and hosting (from hosts like 1 & 1 or Go Daddy for example) and install a blogging package. Some hosts offer one-click installation of WordPress. Uber-geeks can install WordPress themselves with the famous 5-minute install.

More and more bloggers with their own domains and hosting are choosing to install Drupal as a content management system. Drupal uses modules for customizing features so that only the required features are turned on. Access to different parts of the site are they given to users based on permissions controlled by the administrator. Some popular modules are comments, forums, and polls. Drupal requires at some knowledge of html and familiarity with PHP and MySQL is helpful and sometimes necessary. Drupal is probably a bit more than an everyday blogger needs but it can be a lot of fun!

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